Local Area

Gladstone Region covers an area of 10,488 square kilometers containing an estimated resident population of 67,464 (June 2015).

Located in Central Queensland, the Gladstone Region includes the following settlements:

GladstoneCalliopeMiriam Vale
Gladstone Central
Barney Point
Glen Eden
Kin Kora
New Auckland
South Gladstone
South Trees
Sun Valley
West Gladstone
Boyne Island
East End
Many Peaks
Mount Larcom
Tannum Sands
Agnes Water
Baffle Creek
Miriam Vale

Gladstone Airport

Gladstone Airport is a valuable community asset which makes a significant contribution to the economic and social fabric of the region. Indeed, the growth of the airport is inextricably linked to the growth of the region as recent increases in passenger numbers closely track the delivery of major infrastructure developments, particularly in the LNG industry.

Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre

Features an auditorium seating 674 people, a flat floor space which can accommodate 1,500 people standing, an outdoor 600 square meters (6,500 sq ft) marquee on a hard stand, and a number of meeting rooms.

Gladstone Ports Corporation

The Port of Gladstone is Queensland’s largest multi-commodity port and the fifth largest multi-commodity port in Australia. It is the world’s fourth largest coal exporting terminal. It forms an integral part of the City of Gladstone in Central Queensland and is located about 525 kilometers north of Brisbane at Latitude of 23°49.61’S, Longitude 151°34.6’E. It is owned and managed by Gladstone Ports Corporation, which is a statutory corporate body of the Government of Queensland.

Boyne Smelters

Boyne Smelters Limited is proud to be Australia’s largest aluminum smelter, producing in excess of 570,000 tones of aluminum per year. A reputation for exceptional quality and reliability keeps Boyne Smelters Limited at the forefront of the industry.  Boyne Smelters Limited success is primarily due to the men and women who shape the smelter and the community in which they operate.

Cement Australia

Australia’s largest cement plant, Cement Australia’s Gladstone facility at Fisherman’s Landing has a production capacity of over 1.7 million tones of cement per annum.  The plant processes limestone, clay, silica sand and iron additives to produce cement and clinker (an intermediate product in cement manufacturing) for the Australian market.  Fisherman’s Landing utilizes state of the art technology, maximizing energy efficiency and providing leading environmental performance.  Great emphasis is placed on achieving consistency of products and processes, from the mining of raw materials, to the manufacture and delivery of bulk and bagged cement. Advanced process controls and laboratory systems are used to manage and monitor each step of the production and delivery process to ensure the highest standards.  Lime is also produced at the Fisherman’s Landing plant in a refurbished cement kiln, supplying up to 250,000 tones of lime per annum to Queensland’s sugar, mining and aluminum industries.  Raw material for the Fisherman’s Landing plant is sourced from Cement Australia’s nearby East End Mine, Queensland’s largest limestone mine operation. Located near Mount Larcom, 47 kilometers from Gladstone, the mine is connected to the Fisherman’s Landing site by a 31km rail link loop.

Rio Tinto Alcan

Opened in March 2005 and expanded in 2012, the Yarwun refinery has the capacity to produce up to 3.4 million tones of alumina per annum and creates employment for over 600 people.  Rio Tinto Yarwun is a world class alumina refinery situated ten kilometers north-west of Gladstone in Central Queensland. The operation represents Rio Tinto’s first 100 per cent owned and operated alumina refinery.

Queensland Alumina Limited
Queensland Alumina Limited commenced in March 1967 with an annual production rate of 600,000 tones of alumina. Today, Queensland Alumina Limited is one of the world’s largest alumina refineries, producing some 3.95 million tones of the world’s best smelter grade alumina per year. Estimated replacement value of the refinery is approximately US$4 billion.

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